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Herzlich Willommen bei den Hovwarten vom Herzen Österreichs

  • Official Announcment of the C-litter
    Mother:Indira of KolpeterbergHO 2693 HD-free B1, Eyes o.B., Heart examination o.BDog show wins: Excellent 2Performance testing: Companion Dog certificate 1 was mated with Father:Eddy of KalsinusHD-A1, Eyes o. B.Dog show wins: Excellent 4Performance testing: Companion Dog Title on 18th January 2018. The due date is set to 22nd March 2018 Description of Eddy by his handler Dörte:Eddy is perfectly healthy Hovawart, like straight out of a magazine. Confident, family-orientated, patient, intelligent, attentive and alert. He enchants you with his friendly, well-balanced character. Judge’s report:Male in medium size frame, masculine head with correctly set and carried ears, medium brown eyes, rich pigmentation of nose and lips, scissor bite, testicles present, harmonious overall proportions.Attractive natural stance, correct angles, gently sloping croup, slightly lower set tail, which is carried correctly when standing and in movement.Smooth movements with slightly […]
  • Nachzuchtbeurteilung (Second Breeding Examination) of the B’s in Amstetten
    The 27th August was the day of days! Almost all of our B’s came together in Amstetten for taking the NZB. It was a very hot, sunny day.Benny, Bono, Bonny, Berit, Biene, Blue, Braxi and Bella showed themselves at their best. Unfortunately, Braxi did not pass the exam, and was pronounced unfit for breeding due to her deep overbite. However, everyone else passed and got exceptionally good ratings when it came to their character/nature (which is much more important to me than anything else). We had a wonderful time with nice people and great dogs. I am proud of you all. [ weiter lesen ] […]
  • Litter planning of the C’s
    Plans for our C-litter to come are in full swing. Spring 2018 is the time to watch out. This time, a pretty blonde male gets the pleasure to be mated with Indira. Everything will be announced publically as soon as we made our choice. Indira vom Kolpeterberg [ weiter lesen ] […]