JUGENDBEURTEILUNG (Breeding Examination for Young Dogs) Amstetten

Breed survey master: Helge LUDWIG
Assistent:  Peter REGNER

Assessment :

  • behaviour displayed while assessing appearance : calm, natural;
  • play behaviour in different settings, dog handler plays with dog: shows active interest in play; dog handler throws toy landing in a distinct area – dog swerves briefly but fetches toy right afterwards; Play behaviour whilst playing with dog handler and assistent – again, plays actively, etablishes good contact with assistent;
  • predatory instinct – yes; prey drive – yes
  • group of people: briefly circles the group, then returns to handler; beviour when being exposed to visual influences (jumpsuit) – evasive; easily etablishing contact
  • behaviour when being exposed to acustic influences (chain) – calm and interested; easily establishing contact
  • behaviour towards a strange conspicious person – briefly evaded approaching person, but remained calm;
  • sled – observed it curiosly, friendly; approaching sled – remained relaxed, makes contact without help;
  • behaviour displayed during hearing a shot – unimpressed;
  • Handler plays with dog – plays very actively, shows good contact towards hander;
  • dog’s nature – vivid