Official Announcment of the C-litter

Indira of Kolpeterberg
HO 2693 HD-free B1, Eyes o.B., Heart examination o.B
Dog show wins: Excellent 2
Performance testing: Companion Dog certificate 1

was mated with

Eddy of Kalsinus
HD-A1, Eyes o. B.
Dog show wins: Excellent 4
Performance testing: Companion Dog Title

on 18th January 2018.

The due date is set to 22nd March 2018

Description of Eddy by his handler Dörte:
Eddy is perfectly healthy Hovawart, like straight out of a magazine. Confident, family-orientated, patient, intelligent, attentive and alert. He enchants you with his friendly, well-balanced character.

Judge’s report:
Male in medium size frame, masculine head with correctly set and carried ears, medium brown eyes, rich pigmentation of nose and lips, scissor bite, testicles present, harmonious overall proportions.
Attractive natural stance, correct angles, gently sloping croup, slightly lower set tail, which is carried correctly when standing and in movement.
Smooth movements with slightly cow-hating hindlegs and light paddling in the front. Oppulent, very beautifully groomed coat. Very friendly, fiery but simultaneously well-balanced character.

Description of Indira:
Indira is not only a confident and cuddly, but also curious dog with a great work ethic who guards and protects her family. She is also very friendly towards other dogs and people.

Judge’s report from Helge Ludwig:
Bulky, strong and confident black and tan female, very well-structured head, medium brown eyes, ears a little bit set back, complete scissor bite, excellent movement, beautiful black fur coat of medium length, complete marks of medium tone, anatomically correct tail of accurat length is carried slightly curled when the dog is moving;