ZTP Indira Amstetten 23/04/2016

Height: 66 cm

  • A black and tan female, medium type.
  • pigmentation of the fur is consistent
  • deep black top coat with accurate medium blonde marks
  • extended walk and movement
  • distictive play behaviour
  • well-established relationship with the handler
  • in terms of distraction: shorty distracted but continues play
  • good contact with steward, also plays distictively and actively
  • dog fetches toy laying in the separate area right away
  • box: briefly shows interest, but then does something else
  • prey drive is also present when playing with assistent
  • follows the handler into the group, establishes contact; follows steward out of the group; dog hesitates – has to be called
  • Jumpsuit: flees, but establishing contact still possible
  • chain – calm, fearless and interested; establishes contact without any problems
  • sled: interested
  • escaping person: displays signs of flight, remains insecure but establishing contact is possible
  • gun shot: impressed
  • “ghosts”: displays conflict behaviour, interested, establishing contact without any problems
  • group of people: follows the handler into the group, stays calm, establishes contact
  • plays distinctively and actively – good contact with handler
  • dog’s nature: vivid